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Zinc Planter Care

These planters are frost resistant when drained properly. We recommend that you fill the bottom of the pot up with bricks, stone, gravel or something similar to optimise drainage. To avoid corrosion on the inside, ensure the drainage hole does not get blocked; this is best achieved by placing the pot off the ground. Use good potting compost to ensure optimal drainage. Planters should also be lined with PVC or bin liner to prevent corrosion from occuring. Planters must be rinsed on a regular basis to ensure there is no build of dirt.

In time, UV and weather influences will change the colour and finish of the product in a natural way. To reduce the speed of this process you may treat the surface with linseed oil. If a white sheen appears when the planter is first placed outside linseed oil can be used to clean the surface. Please use a soft cloth to clean the planter. In time, steel products are subject to corrosion.

If used indoors, the product must be sealed or placed in a saucer. To avoid possible problems with condensation on delicate floors the product must be raised above the floor so air can circulate, or must be placed on insulation material, for example polystyrene.

Zinc planters are suited to the garden consumer market and not intended for commercial use.

Gel Burner Care

Placement of the gel burner

-The burner is suitable for Garden, Patio, Conservatory and Large Living Room.
- Ensure sufficient ventilation is in place without creating a draft
- After a While the gel burner may create sight staining like candles
- Make sure the gel burner is placed on a non inflammable, heat resistant and stable surface
- Ensure that there are no inflammable objects within 2 meters distance from the gel burner.

User instructions

- Always use the gel burner with the steel gel container supplied

Filling the Steel Gel Container

- While the steel gel container is positioned outside the gel burner holder, carefully fill the gel container to up 75% of it’s capacity.
- Remove any burning gel drops spilled onto the gel burner & container before igniting the gel burner
- Never take out or refuel a hot or warm gel burner

Replacement of the steel gel container

- The steel gel container supplied is fire proof, but must be replaced if there are any signs of cracks or corrosion.


- Ignite the gel burner using a long match
- Do not put anything into the flame as this will cause soot, smoke and fire
- Let the contents of each Gel Container run out and never leave a burning flame unattended
- Always keep pets and children away from a naked flame
- When using the gel burner outside, please note that a unpredictable flame can develop
- In case you wish to extinguish the flame before the Gel Container runs out of gel, cover the flame with the lid, and ensure the flame is out. Remove the gel container when it has cooled down and remove the remaining gel
- Do not re-use remaining gel
- Clean the gel container after use by soaking it for about 300 minutes in water and washing up liquid. If required, brush out the residue and rinse the water. The container is ready for re-use.


- Always follow the instructions shown on the packaging of the gel.
- The is Gel is flammable liquid, always take care in storage and keep out reach from children
- In care of swallowing the Gel, immediately contact a doctor and show the label or packaging of the gel
- The packaging of the gel should be kept away from ignitable sources

- Do not smoke when lighting the Gel Burner
- The gel for gel burner is best used at room temperature when used. In temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius the gel will not ignite easily and it will take more time to for an attractive flame to develop.

Fibre Terrazzo Care Information

UV and weather influence the surface of Terrazzo over time, the surface may dry out and fade the colour. In order to retain the colour apply linseed oil evenly to the furniture. With a soft cloth, rub the oil in a circular motion which will embed the oil in the material and will further protect the furniture.

Avoid the use of aggressive detergents and contact with substances containing acids.

Sharp objects will scratch the surface of Terrazzo.

Recommended for light commercial use.

Wicker Care Information

Maintenance is simple. Just hose off and wipe clean with mild dish soap and water solution. Cushion Care. Vacuum regularly to remove dust. Fluff cushions periodically to maintain original fullness. Showerproof cushions will need to be cleaned with water and a mild soap. Rinse and dry. 1 Year Warranty.

Recommended for light commercial use.

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